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Wallet Chain – Handmade – Mens

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This wallet chain is made in a Bright (silver color) color, and in the Half Persian Chainmail style. The length of this chain is approximately 24 1/2” measuring from end to end of each clasp. This wallet chain also comes with a Key Ring Clasp as well as a Swivel Trigger Clasp. Anodized Aluminum is used to make the rings for this chain due to the variety of colors there are and also making the chain lightweight. This item ships within 1-2 business days.

  • Color – Bright (silver color)
  • Style – Half Persian
  • Length – 24 1/2″ approximate from end to end
  • Key Ring Clasp and Swivel Trigger Clasp
  • Lightweight
  • Handmade Wallet Chain
  • Wallet not included
All JS Wallet Chains are handmade with anodized aluminum,
which make them super lightweight. Our chains are also offered
in various chainmail styles, and a variety of colors.

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