Bulk Orders

How to Order JS Wallet Chains In bulk

If you’re a member of a motorcycle club and want to place an order of wallet chains in bulk in your club colors, I can assist you with that. Below you’ll find the information I will need, so that I can provide you with a proper estimate, and process your order. Once you have all the details gathered then you can fill out the form below.

1. What colors would you like?

Wallet chains can be made in your club colors, however, sometimes anodizing is a bit tricky. Although, I will do my best to match your colors, some batches of color can differ from one to another. Due to this fact, I can not guarantee a perfect match. If you like, this is something we can discuss before you commit to a bulk order. For more information about anodizing Click Here.

Colors currently offered:

Black, Black Ice, Silver (aluminum color), Frost (white), Champagne, Bronze, Gold, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green.

2. Bulk pricing starts at 5 or more chains.
In order to get bulk pricing, you must order a minimum of 5 chains. Below is a breakdown of the discounts I offer for bulk orders.
5-12 Chains = 15% OFF
13-20 Chains = 20% OFF
Contact me if you need more than 20 Chains.
3. Styles of chains
Currently offered are the Half Persian and Double Spiral styles of chains in bulk. You’ll have to specify which of the two styles you want your chains to be made in. Bulk orders can also be mixed between the two styles. For example, 5 chains in Half Persian style and 5 chains in Double Spiral style for an order of 10 chains. *There will be a difference in price between the two styles. 
4. Length of Chains
For Bulk Orders, I currently offer 20″ and 25″ chains. I will need to know the quantity of the lengths you want. Bulk orders can also be mixed between the two lengths. For example, (5) 20″ chains, and (5) 25″ chains for an order of 10 chains.
*There will be a difference in price between the two lengths. 
5. Shipping
Shipping is FREE on all Bulk orders. Bulk orders will ship through USPS Priority Mail. Insurance and a tracking label are included.
6. Bulk Order Turnaround Time
Please plan for 4-6 weeks for your order to be made. I will need some time because I’m making these chains by hand, and will have to order additional materials to fulfill your order. As always, I do try to work quickly to get orders out in a timely manner, however, that cushion of time will help me so that I can meet the deadline and not run late. 
If you’re ready to place your request for a bulk order Click Here!