Wallet Chains Handmade with Care in California, USA

Most think I'm a dude behind the screen. But, I'm the woman who makes your JS Wallet Chain. I work alone in my studio, and make all of these chains by hand.

about me

Hi! I’m the “JS” the behind the JS Wallet Chains brand also known as Jamie Santellano. Often times I’m referred to as a dude, but I’m very much a woman. The JS Wallet Chains brand of chains are made by me, and by hand. 

After about 5 years of working in silver jewelry, I ran into an old friend of mine. This friend noticed that I’d been making chainmail jewelry in colorful anodized aluminum, and approached me about making him a wallet chain. My friend liked the idea that these chains could be made with color, in various styles, and loved that they’re durable and lightweight. After his initial purchase, word spread and the JS Wallet Chains brand was born.

Through the years, I’ve spent countless hours working out various color combinations and styles. With the help of my badass biker clientele, this endeavor has grown because of their shared love for my work.

With over 14 years of experience in jewelry making, and my knowledge in color theory I’ve been able to create the most badass wallet chains out in the market.

It’s truly an honor and pleasure working with my customers. Each badass biker is truly a gem! The passion you have for ridding is unmeasurable, and much like the way I feel about my artistry. It’s pure passion! -And on that note, I’ll let the quality of my work speak for itself.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Jamie Santellano – JS Wallet Chains